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What is Medically Based Wellness?

Medically based wellness programs encompass medical health history and body assessments to create a more comprehensive wellness program. A medically based wellness center is not your average fitness facility. It is holistic healthcare, wellness, and exercise programs working synergistically to provide preventative and rehabilitative care to you and the community. These programs can be a supportive tool when patients and clients are recovering from injury, surgery or losing weight to combat illness. It is also a great way to boost the self-esteem and confidence of clients and patients alike!


Why Medically Based Wellness?

Medically based wellness can be used to educate on a variety of fitness and lifestyle enhancement topics and help you to choose the fitness route that works best for your personal needs. Each individual seeking medically based fitness will receive the care and personalization of a program that will be designed to enhance their lives, no matter what stage of life


Who Can Medically Based Wellness Benefit?

Clients/Patients that suffer from various health conditions, Clients/Patients who are looking to reach a certain health or fitness goal, Patients who have been discharged from physical therapy and need to perform strengthening exercises with the added benefit of a medical fitness professional to guide them.



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